Woman pays thousands but gets no hair removal

After shelling out $8,000 up front for a block of 12 treatments, a Florida college student only got 2 before the salon closed without warning:

However after just two of Chelsea’s twelve sessions, the phone number for Body Solutions of Tampa stopped working. A sign on the office door said due to a theft the business had closed. Chelsea and her mom quickly found out Body Solutions was closed for good. The only problem, the mom is still getting bills through the company that financed the year’s worth of hair removal procedures.

Dr. Jeffrey Hunt says, “I know of two or three centers that have folded in the last three months. They don’t even tell the nurse practitioners they’re closing. They just disappear and the equipment is gone.” Hunt says it is dangerous for patients to pay for months worth of services up front. “They should not give them tons of money in advance. They should limit areas that they do… and make sure it’s a procedure they want to do.”

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