Woman with PCOS shaves face to reduce cystic acne

Via iDiva:

I had first heard that hair-removal from the face can help prevent breakouts from a friend with cystic acne due to PCOD, who heard it from her dermatologist. Now, while I don’t have very thick hair growth, I do have a lot of hair on my face, pretty much right up to my eyeballs. This means that thick makeup and skin products, bacteria, and other oily or dirty things had plenty of fur to latch onto and create a mess. The oil would cling to the hair, the hair follicles would attract germs, and the hair would spread those everywhere, making me break out. I was intrigued by the idea of shaving primarily because I truly was sick of constantly being covered in pimples.

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A Retrospective Look at Women’s Body Hair in Pop Culture

Via Loren Savini at Allure:

It’s personal, it’s political, and it can get prickly. For centuries, we’ve teetered on what to do with the hair that covers our bodies. We’ve gone from ripping it off with tacky goops (fun fact: the Ancient Egyptians used to use waxes like beeswax) and hacking it off with any sharp edge we can get our hands on, to wearing it proudly on red carpets and on social media in order to make a statement. We’ve even gone as far as to faking it with merkins (Google the term and be amazed). In the past decade, the great body hair debate has shifted, as the sight of it becomes more and more mundane. Regardless of whether we like our skin smooth or with a little scruff, body hair has proven to be a force in history. Below is a look at the complicated story behind the hair below our heads.

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