Woman with PCOS shaves face to reduce cystic acne

Via iDiva:

I had first heard that hair-removal from the face can help prevent breakouts from a friend with cystic acne due to PCOD, who heard it from her dermatologist. Now, while I don’t have very thick hair growth, I do have a lot of hair on my face, pretty much right up to my eyeballs. This means that thick makeup and skin products, bacteria, and other oily or dirty things had plenty of fur to latch onto and create a mess. The oil would cling to the hair, the hair follicles would attract germs, and the hair would spread those everywhere, making me break out. I was intrigued by the idea of shaving primarily because I truly was sick of constantly being covered in pimples.

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New Zealand: We can’t restrict laser/IPL use by beauty therapists

The New Zealand Ministry of Health says it cannot restrict hair removal and other cosmetic procedures by beauty therapists. They are not covered by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act and the machines they use are not defined as medical devices by its Medsafe division. The announcement came after a therapist who treated the woman with electrical light optical synergy (ELOS) had breached the code of patients’ rights on standard of care and informed consent. The patient being treated for acne scars ended up with worse damage on her face. IPL can be used to remove hair, thread veins and pigmented lesions such as freckles and some birthmarks.

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