Unilever to unveil deodorant “hair minimizer”

Following the relatively unsuccessful attempts by various companies to market lotions with clams they inhibit hair growth, personal care giant Unilever plans to get into the act with their own “hair minimizing” claims.

Unilever plans to launch the products in the UK next month which will be presented as both sprays and ‘roll-on’ deodorants under the names Sure and Dove Hair Minimising deodorants.

Full article [news-medical.net]

More male hair removal in Australia

Liz Porter at The Age has a good article (with a funny photo) on the trend toward hair removal among men:

These men are part of the new trend for “manscaping” — the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy term for male hair removal. They regularly trim or remove their pubic and buttock hair — or, in their words, “tidy up the crack and sack”.

Melbourne waxing salon proprietors say that male customer numbers have tripled over the past five years, with some performing about 50 “back, crack and sack” waxings each week.

Cosmetic physicians have also reported an increase over the past year in men seeking laser hair removal.

A new study also confirms that most younger heterosexual men are embracing the buff, hairless look that was once the preserve of gay men and body builders.

Full article:

Hair today, groan tomorrow: men who brave the trip to Rio [theage.com.au]

Woman with PCOS leaves home after 17 years

Christina Blizzard has a great piece on a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal illness characterized by irregular or no periods, acne, obesity, and excess hair growth.

Anyone who thinks hair removal is merely a “cosmetic” issue needs to read this story to understand how unwanted hair can cause serious problems for many people.

Full article [torontosun.com]

See my hair removal forum on PCOS for more information and support.

Candela to USPTO: re-exam Palomar patents

Candela Corp. has asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to re-examine patents held by Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. in the companies’ ongoing infringement battle.

Full article [wbjournal.com]

“Manscaping” up 8% in Australia

As summer arrives, more Australian men are seeking out hair removal:

The survey of cosmetic physicians showed nearly a quarter had seen an increase in hair removal treatments for men – up eight per cent on last year.

 Full article [smh.com.au]

Colorado hair removal business relocates


In Brush, Colorado, Dr. Thomas Bryant, M.D. and Dr. Lawrence Schoelkopf, M.D. of Surgical Associates of Morgan County had an open house at their new East Morgan County Hospital location. They recently relocated from Fort Morgan’s Colorado Plains Medical Center and welcomed community members to stop in to enjoy refreshments while taking advantage of the chance to consult personally with the surgeons on the topics of colonoscopies, varicose vein treatment and laser hair removal.

Full article [brushnewstribune.com]

Home-use hair removal devices heat up holidays

by Andrea James

 The most dynamic trend for the beauty industry in 2008 has been the emergence of new at-home or do-it-yourself (DIY) tools for hair removal.

While the Palomar/Gillette device, the first one cleared by FDA, is still unavailable, two nimble newcomers are stealing the thunder this holiday season.

arrow Silk’n Flash&Go (power level is about 3-5 Joules/cm2)

arrow TRIA Beauty (power level is about 7-22 Joules/cm2)


TRIA beauty has been making a big publicity push. Neither device is cheap, and will set you back $700 to over $900. Still that is cheaper than a course of professional laser treatments.

Note that effectiveness of the lower-power home devices won’t match the pro versions, and there are a ton of products to avoid. Make sure the device you buy is cleared by FDA for at least some evidence of safety and effectiveness. And don’t buy anything on eBay till you read my list of scam products sold primarily on eBay.

 Full article [marketwatch.com]

More information:

 Home laser hair removal: what works, what doesn’t

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