Profile: Glasgow salon Transform

Samantha Booth at the Daily Record (UK) profiles Glasgow salon Transform:

Transform plastic surgery clinic in Glasgow now offers a new laser hair removal treatment. The difference between this service and other laser systems is that all you feel during the process is a sensation similar to an ice cube being run over your skin.

Feeling apprehensive, I went along to give it a try on my underarms to see if it really was as pain-free as they claim and if it really did work. And, yes, the process actually is as simple and as painless as Transform promised.

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Women maintaining bikini area now near 50%

Manufacturer Wilkinson Sword includes an interesting statistic in a recent press release:

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of women regularly maintaining their bikini area, with 49% of women now incorporating this zone into their beauty regime vs only 35% in 1999.

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More men in India seek hair removal, chest surgery

IANS has an article on the trend of young men from India seeking hair removal and chest surgery:

If you are an Indian male in your 20s and living in a metro, chances are you want to flaunt a firm, unshaven chest like Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar or Aamir Khan, and don’t mind being operated upon for it.Cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons say they are seeing a surge in men who come to them for breast reduction and permanent hair removal from their chests in the hope of showing off their cleavage.

“Ten years ago, about 10 percent of my clients used to be men. Now it is 40 percent. Most young men want to flaunt a firm, unshaven chest,” Anup Dhir, a senior consultant in the department of cosmetic surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, told IANS.

Inspired by Bollywood actors and models who strut around shirtless, these men – mostly in their 20s – are ready to shell out money to show off cleavage.

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Profile: Vogue Laser Clinic, Loveland, CO

Shelley Widhalm from the Reporter-Herald in Loveland, Colorado profiles local spa Vogue Laser Clinic:

The last room at the end of the hallway is the laser room for cosmetic treatments, including body and facial hair removal that men, along with women, are using, Charpentier said. “You’d be surprised at how many men are involved in taking care of themselves,” she said.

Where: 1625 Foxtrail Drive, Suite 260 (just west of Interstate 25 at U.S. 34)
Sample costs: Waxing, $15-45; facials, $50-75; microabrasions and chemical peels, $60-100
Phone: 593-3009
Web site:

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Funny male body waxing article

Jay Rayner at The Observer has a cheeky piece about male body waxing:

For The Refinery has a speciality, something it apparently does with more panache, style and bravura than almost anywhere else, and it has been decided that the world would be a far, far better place if I were to experience it. Put most simply, the 10 skilled therapists here are currently working their fingers to the bone using hot wax to rip pubic hair off men who think the boy-zilian is simply the way to go.

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Profile: Hair removal clinic in Hays, Kansas

Gayle Weber at the Hays Daily News in Kansas profiles a local hair removal clinic:

The Nu U Anti-Aging Clinic, 1506 Vine, provides pulsed light treatments and mesotherapies for patients seeking treatment of skin blemishes or weight loss. Dr. Ann Taylor started out with a general practice but saw patients who were traveling as far as Wichita and Kansas City for services such as hair removal, acne treatment, sunspots and hard-to-lose fat.

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Phoenix demonstration of cosmetic lasers 1/17

Denise Naughton at the Phoenix ABC affiliate reports that The Derma Health Institute is holding Free Laser Demo Days at several of their locations:

The focus will be on skin rejuvenation, such as Photofacial, Laser Genesis and Titan. Time permitting they will also demonstrate any of its available laser treatments, such as VelaShape body contouring, laser vein removal, tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and laser resurfacing.

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New software tracks hair removal progress

Before and after shots can show the dramatic results of hair removal. Now a software program can help in tracking the process:

Developed by CSIRO’s Biotech Imaging team, in conjunction with a leading U.K.-based personal care company, the software magnifies images and analyzes them to work out the number of hairs in any specific area. The system supersedes the time-consuming and repetitive process of having to count hairs manually, most commonly using a magnifying device.

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Profile: Body Essence Laser Center

Andy Sinishtaj, founder and CEO of Body Essence Laser Center, answers questions in this profile:

My first experience with this industry was when I purchased a laser hair removal package from a local company roughly four years ago. In reality, the treatments were not as effective as I had hoped. About a year later I had visited a buddy in Seattle who also owns a medical spa. His business was doing great and after talking to him about the results I had before, he explained in great detail why results can vary so much. This was when the first thought of opening my own cosmetic center entered my mind. Now more than two years later and countless hours of researching and planning, we opened Body Essence Laser Centers.

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Smooth Away: Will it work?

Troy Barrett and Rachel Melnick of KEPRTV try out Smooth Away, the friction hair removal produce being sold heavily on TV via direct response ads:

OK as usual…don’t forget to read the directions on the smooth away because the hair removal pads…which are the star of the show here…these things are like a very fine grit sandpaper…
so using the Smooth Away according to the directions my co-anchor Rachel Melnick and I are each going to test it out so you get a gals opinion and a guys opinion.
Rachel tested the smooth away on her arm and I tested it on my hand…to see if it really works…click the video link and watch the full edition of “Will It Work?”

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