Hilarious NSFW tale of a pregnant mom’s hair removal nightmare

Laura Mazza from Facebook’s Mum on the Run page shares her profanity-laced tale of woe, where she thought she’d do a little pubic hair removal prior to her C-section.

As my due date edges closer, I have thought about removing my own body hair so that I don’t get shaved down by a nurse in the act of a cesarean and die of embarrassment because she needs a whipper snipper to cut through the Sherwood Forest.
Now, I am not some Italian/Argentinian who was blesssd with good genes, tanned skin… no I was born as white as a cue tip with dark thick hair like Bigfoot. Motherf****n Bigfoot gus.
Anyway, I’ve been thinking about getting waxed but I don’t want to deal with the pain. So someone suggested hair removal cream. A cream that effortlessly removes body hair without pain and effort, an alternative to shaving. Lasts a bit longer apparently.

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