Cost of laser hair removal

The cost of laser hair removal varies widely, so it’s important to do your homework!

Look at these 2006 prices from four San Francisco dermatologists:

Six Treatments Derm A Derm B Derm C Derm D
Arms – Under $1,600 $999 $2,100 $1,100
Back – Full $5,600 $5,130 $2,100 $3,690
Bikini – Line $1,600 $1,890 $1,500 $1,300
Upper Lip $1,075 $800 $900 $645
Legs – Full $6,700 $4,320 $4,500 $3,500

That’s quite a range!

Those who are looking for a good price might look into chains, but be sure the chain you choose has experienced practitioners. In fact, you should ask specifically about the person who is doing your work. After all, what good is spending money if you aren’t getting good results?

If you are going to buy a block of treatments, be sure to ask about what happens if you need additional touch-ups, and how much those might cost. Anything you can get in writing is important, and be sure to pay with a check or credit card so you have a record.

For more, see my page on arrow choosing a laser hair removal practitioner. I have even made a little arrow list of questions you can bring with you!

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