Topical “hair inhibitors” and “hair retardants” (WARNING!)

Topical “hair growth inhibitors”

Note: due to high volume of questions about these products, I am presenting this information as work in progress. Sorry about the mess here.

Basic facts

There is no published clinical data that backs up claims that these products can slow or stop hair growth. The only one that has demonstrated it can work as claimed is Vaniqa. Only Vaniqa has done the type of extensive testing necessary to determine the effectiveness of a product.


Hair inhibitors have been around since the snake-oil heyday of the 19th century. However, with the recent approval of the prescription drug Vaniqa, these non-prescription products have exploded, especially on TV infomercials and the web.

Hair inhibitors to avoid:

Ultra Hair Away by Victoria Bodyworks

Epil-Stop by Tactica
Epil-Stop Plus by Tactica
Epil-Stop Ultra by Tactica


Kalo Hair Inhibitor – Lotion, by Nisim International
Kalo Hair Inhibitor – Spray, by Nisim International
Kalo Hair Inhibitor – Spray / Lotion, by Nisim International

Maxima Hair Inhibitor, 4 oz
Smooth-Max Hair Inhibitor Deodorant,
Maxima Hair Inhibitor by Green Canyon

Surgi-Hair Stop – by Ardell
Surgi-Facial Hair Stop™ by Ardell

Epizyme™ Stop Hair Regrowth for Body and Legs by GiGiHONEE