Topical pain reduction purchasing information

Topical pain reduction purchasing info

(Note: The sales sites listed on this page are presented as a starting point for your own research and for your convenience. I am not endorsing them or making any claims about the quality of service. Do your own research to find the best prices.)


A pain medication which works perfectly for one consumer may not work at all for another.

I make absolutely no guarantee that any product mentioned in this section will work for you or will work better or worse for you than another product.

For details, see my  Pain management intro page.

Based on clinical data and consumer feedback about available topical anesthetics, these four products stand out:

ELA-Max (best over the counter option)
EMLA (best prescription option)
Betacaine LA

Although made by smaller manufacturers, Mento-kaine liquid and Stud 100 Spray can be good complements to the creams and gels listed above.

Click here for a comparison to help decide which may be best for you.

ELA-Max 5

Manufacturer: Ferndale Labs ELA-Max info

Address: 780 West Eight Mile Road, Ferndale, Michigan 48220
Phone: 877 352-6294

Purchase online:

ELA-Max 5 through
ELA-Max 5 through Texas Electrolysis Supply
ELA-Max 5 through AmericaRx


Manufacturer: AstraZenica EMLA info

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP (US offices)
1800 Concord Pike P.O. Box 15437 Wilmington, DE 19850-5437
Phone: (302) 886-3000 / (800) 456-3669
Fax: (302) 886-2972

Purchase online:

EMLA through AmericaRx (prescription may be required)


Manufacturer: Smith & Nephew Ametop info

Smith & Nephew Healthcare Limited
PO Box 81 101 Hessle Road HULL HU3 2BN UK
Tel: (0) 1482 225181
Fax: (0) 1482 328326

Purchase online:

Ametop through Online Pharmacy Limited (not available in US)

Betacaine LA


Theraderm Betacaine LA info

Address: 4600 N. Habana Ave. Suite 16A, Tampa, FL 33614
Tel: (813) 879-0631
Fax: (813) 221-7791

Purchase online:

Betacaine LA (prescription may be required)


Distributors/sales outlets

Texas Electrolysis Supply

Address: 2000 Sealark, Houston, Texas 77062 USA
Telephone: 1-800-626-6025
Fax: 1-888-508-8508 16627

ELA-Max 5
Stud 100 Spray

Phone orders: 1-800-213-3376. Outside continental US 01-530-224-4351
Fax orders:(530) 224-4352
Customer service1-800-213-DERM email:
Mail orders: 8938 Airport Road, Unit B Redding, CA 96002

ELA-Max 5
Tend Skin


Have your doctor call 877-932-2979
Provide your Doctor’s phone # and they’ll call him/her
Fax your Rx to 877-329-8729

ELA-Max 5

Online Pharmacy Limited

75/75a Manor Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 0DE United Kingdom
Tel: 020 8773 4700
Fax: 020 8773 4700