Are you a victim of hair removal fraud?

Ripped off in a hair removal scam?

One of the main reasons I put up this site was to get the word out about scams.

If you feel you were misled by someone about a hair removal device or treatments you paid for, I recommend:

Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

This is the best place to submit information, since they coordinate complaints with several other local, state, and federal law enforcement entities and regulatory bodies.

Contacting me

I am currently collecting information on several hair removal scams for various types of legal action. You may have some important evidence that can help stop scam artists.

Although it’s generally very difficult, if you have certain items in writing, I might even be able to help you get out of a contract or possibly get your money back in some cases.

At the very least, you can help someone else avoid getting ripped off.