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Removatron is an electrified tweezer epilator. Although it has been marketed for 25 years under several names, Removatron has never adequately substantiated repeated claims of permanent hair removal. Consumers have spent tens of millions of dollars on the device (and treatments with it) since Removatron first came on the market.

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Published medical literature ( Verdich, 1984) indicates the device results in temporary hair removal.

In 1985, the US Federal Trade Commission brought charges against Removatron in a landmark case. (Removatron Int’l Corp., v. FTC, 111 FTC.206, 298, aff’d, 884 F.2d 1489 (1st Cir. 1989)) FTC found that Removatron did not substantiate claims of permanent hair removal and ordered them to cease and desist promoting the device as permanent.

In 1990, Removatron commissioned a study of Removatron efficacy This unpublished report followed up on 13 women for 3 months after final treatment ( Konnikov, 1990) . Despite this small sample size and brief follow-up, Dr. Konnikov concluded that “46% of facial hairs treated with the Removatron device can be considered with reasonable medical certainty to have been permanently removed.”

In 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration reviewed Dr. Konnikov’s unpublished report and declared in a Final Rule that her report was “only suggestive of effectiveness in permanently removing hair.” Based on this analysis, FDA agreed that “there is no body of significant information establishing the effectiveness of the device to permanently remove hair."

As of this update, Removatron is still stating in promotional materials that a “study conducted by world-renown Tufts Medical University [sic]” backs their claims of “permanent.”

Two federal agencies and a published clinical study suggest otherwise.

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