Hair inhibitor

Hair inhibitor

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A hair inhibitor is any product that can slow or stpo the growth of hair. The prescription topical cream Vaniqa is clinically proven to slow hair growth on some (but not all) women’s facial hair. Some prescription oral medications have been clinically observed to slow hair growth

Herbal remedies sold over the counter and online have not been proven to work in published clinical studies.


Hair inhibitors have been around since the snake-oil heyday of the 19th century. However, with the recent approval of the prescription drug Vaniqa, these non-prescription products have exploded, especially on TV infomercials and the web. Topical herbal preparations are marketed agressively online, often with false and misleading information and bogus claims of effectiveness.

Herbal remedies to avoid

There is no published clinical data that backs up claims that over the counter hair inhibitors can slow or stop hair growth. The only one that has demonstrated it can work as claimed is Vaniqa. Only Vaniqa has done the type of extensive testing necessary to determine the effectiveness of a product.

NOTE: This list is incomplete. ANY non-prescription product claiming to inhibit hair growth in humans is making unproven claims.

Some of the worst offenders:

  • Ultra Hair Away by Victoria Bodyworks
  • Kalo Hair Inhibitor – Lotion, Spray, by Nisim International
  • Epil-Stop by Tactica
  • Epil-Stop Plus by Tactica
  • Epil-Stop Ultra by Tactica
  • Enleve
  • UHA Sport by Apex Marketing
  • Derma Nude™ Advanced Hair Retardant Gel by Apex Marketing
  • Derma Nude™ Advanced Hair Retardant Spray by Apex Marketing
  • follistat by Apex Marketing
  • Hair No More by Apex Marketing Gel, Spray Mist, Creme
  • Hair Away by Body EQ
  • Maxima Hair Inhibitor by Green Canyon
  • Smooth-Max Hair Inhibitor Deodorant,
  • Surgi-Hair Stop – by Ardell
  • Surgi-Facial Hair Stop™ by Ardell
  • Epizyme™ Stop Hair Regrowth for Body and Legs by GiGiHONEEô
  • Epizyme™ Stop Hair Regrowth for Face by GiGiHONEEô
  • Slow Grow Skin Maintenance Lotion by GiGiHONEEô
  • Azulene Oil hair inhibitor by Parissa
  • Liquid Electrolysis by Global Electrolysis Supply
  • Mariana Hair Inhibitor Serum
  • Lex ™ Hair Inhibitor Serum
  • D’Lay Cr?me Hair Inhibitor by Thane International


Many consumers have been injured by Epil-Stop in particular. One consumer has put up a page for Epil-Stop survivors.

See also my discussion of Jergens Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer.

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