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Commonly misspelled hair removal words are listed below. Once you have the right spelling, just type it into the hairfacts Search page for more information.

The proper spelling is in bold.

Electrolysis: electrolosis, electrolosys, electralasis, electralysis, eletrolysis,

Laser: Lazer

Permanent: Perminant, permanint, permenent, perminent, permenint, permenant, permanant, perminent,

Removal: removel, remoovel, remoove, hairremoval

Tweezer: Twezer

Vaniqa: vaniqua, vanaqua, vaneeka, vanika, vanaka, vaneka, vanequa, vanaqa, vaneqa, vanique, vaniq, vanica, vanaca, vaneca, vaneeca

EpiLight: Epilite

Lightsheer: Litesheer, lightshear, liteshear

Epilaser: Epilazer

SoftLight: SoftLite

Epilator: epilater epilaters epalater

Thermolase: Thermolaze

Enleve: onleve, anleve, enleave

Depilase: depalaze, depilaze, depolase, depilase

Hair inhibitor: hair inhibiter

Depilatory: depilitoy, dapilitory

Thermalight: thermalite