E-Pen Hair Removal System (WARNING)

E-Pen Hair Removal

The E-Pen sold by Elysse Electro is a home-use version of the doubtful "transdermal hair removal" method. It sends energy through an electrified Q-Tip type of cotton swab.

E-Pen should be avoided by all consumers.

This device has not shown any published clinical evidence it can work as claimed.

It is currently being promoted heavily on television through direct-response commercials.

Contact information

Address: 110 W. 34th St #1106 New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-629-7431
Customer service: 562-948-1114. Oddly, this is also listed as customer service for a golf company (flatblade.com) and an Apollo Theatre merchandise store (itsshowtimeattheapollo.com).
Fax: 212-629-7436
websites: http://www.elyseeelectro.com and others (see below)
email: [email protected] [email protected]

Available devices



This "transcutaneous hair removal" device also comes with "conductive gel pads," another gimmick with no published medical data indicating it can work.

The unit retails for $59.95, with replacement gel/electrodes $19.95 each.

Quack claims

The EasyTweeze is claimed to be "The painless solution (needle free*) for permanent hair removal."

"Clinical trials carried out by a leading, approved clinical research laboratory confirmed that 39% of hairs were reduced permanently over a 90-day period. Subjects were administered 24 treatments of 20 second duration– total treatment time of 5 minutes"

"allows for the painless and permanent removal of the hair"

"Will I achieve permanent hair removal? In a word, YES!"

"EasyTweeze is the safe and painless way to permanent hair removal."

"The E-Pen is as effective as professional electrolysis or laser hair removal methods."

"E-Pen is the way to achieve permanent hair removal without damaging your skin or spending way too much money."

"The E-Pen actually penetrates the hair follicles with gentle pulses of electrical energy changing the structure and the ability of the follicle to grow hair."

"With these tips and your apnea in hand you should be able to stop hair growth permanently."

Other promotional sites selling the device

The way these scams work is by signing up distributors. EPen has several already lined up.


P.O. Box 2727 Downey, CA 90242 562 948-1114 This is also listed as a mailbox for Ruthless Records

[email protected]

 Fulfillment Express, Inc. 7271 Paramount Blvd Pico Rivera, CA 90660
 Ammann,[email protected]
    562-948-4400 1-800-700-9295 or email us at [email protected]

On 1 February 2002, I received the following from Dieter Ammann:

"We are not involved with the marketing or promotion of any of the products listed. As a service company and Internet Service Provider we provide domain hosting and registration. In the case of epenonline.com, atlantichorizon.com and elyseeelectro.com those website were registered by me for each of those companies and we have not yet transferred the ownership of those domains to them, when that happens we will be the technical contact!"

Technical Contact:
    Lee,[email protected]
    920 Cranbrook Court, Suite #7 Davis, Ca 95616
    Renew / Manage domain at 123CHEAPDOMAINS.COM – Keep for memo
    For support, please send email to:[email protected]

Atlantic Horizon International, Inc.


  Ammann, Dieter  (DA2551)[email protected]
      Fulfillment Express, Inc. 7271 Paramount Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660
      562-948-4400 (FAX) 562-948-4459

   Ferreira, Robert  (RF10283)[email protected]
      Atlantic Horizon International Inc. 110 West 34th Street, Suite #1105 New York , NY 10001

youcansave.com (also store.yahoo.com/youcansave)

Stephen D. Newman (YOUCANSAVE-DOM)
P.O. Box 2971 Orangevale, CA 95662
[email protected]
P.O. Box 6923  Chico, CA 95927-6923

"at last, the painless solution for permanent, needle-free hair removal."


Leah Wyandot
Websystems Marketing/Wyandot Hair
37 Whallet Ave. New Haven, CT 06511
888 273-1957


Terry Langley 141 Brisas St  Oceanside, CA 92054
[email protected]


 Innovations International 110 Pacific Avenue Suite 1020 San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 597-5900 (FAX) (415) 495-2415
Tydeman, Fran  (FT211)[email protected]

Technical Contact:Walker, Steve  (SW1244)[email protected]
Billing Contact: Bennett, Linda  (LB1000)[email protected]

Elysee Hair Removing System (RF tweezers)


Quack claims: "safe and gentle pulses pass through the conductive gel delivering energy right down to the hair follicle to destroy the hair root."

 Kantor, Mark  (MK18681)[email protected]
Lifestyle Fascination 110 Lehigh Ave  Lakewood, NJ  08701
Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
732 364 5777 fax: 732 364 1551

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