LOHS AU is a topical "hair inhibitor" which costs $290.00 for a 15 ml bottle. They make all sorts of unsubstantiated claims.

Given that there is no published proof of this claim I would urge all consumers to avoid LOHS AUuntil there is published clinical data to back their claims.

Contact information

  • Lorenzo Kunze, M.E. – Founder



    GOLDEN, CO 80401

    303-994-7236 – CELL

    888-499-8991 – TOLL FREE

    800-858-6487 – FAX

    303-731-4250- SKYPE


    [email protected]

Names associated with this product

Lorenzo Kunze, ME
Dennis Kotelko, M.D.
Thomas Castellano, M.D.

On 20 November 2004, I sent the following letter to FDA

A new drug called LOHS AU has been brought to my attention by a reader. The manufacturer makes unsubstantiated claims about affecting hair growth structures in the skin permanently.

The email below came to a reader, which contains similar promotional claims from the website below:


“A revolutionary new product, LOHS AU, delivers permanent reduction of hair.”
“retards future growth of vellus (fine hair) hair in 1 application “
“reduces future growth of terminal hair (thicker hair)”


“LOHS AU is a hair growth inhibitor that affects the follicle by changing the PH balance of the moisture gradient in the follicle and slows down the blood flow to the area, which in turn can stop future hair growth on light vellus hair. Terminal (thicker and darker) hairs must be treated numerous times to achieve the same outcome.”

It also appears there may be a medical device involved called LOHS-Phoresis:


“LOHS-Phoresis is a machine that utilizes positive ions and forces the LOHS AU product into deeper areas of the follicle, which in turn helps reduce the number of hairs that can grow in the treated area.”

I believe these may be violative claims as described in the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act. I am also concerned because this product is being sold for $290.00 for 15 milliliters.


The site lists three practitioners responsible:

Lorenzo Kunze, ME
Dennis Kotelko, M.D.
Thomas Castellano, M.D.


Their site also lists an unpublished, uncontrolled study claiming the product “has been shown to slow and permanently disable re-growth… after only one or two treatments.”

Rocky Mountain Laser Clinic/College Cherry Creek – Denver  
250 Steele, Suite 206 Denver. CO 80206-5200  
800.752.4247 (Toll Free)
303.985.8520 (Colorado)
303.985.4959 (Fax)
303.785.3209 (Fax)  
[email protected]

No FDA approval, exorbitant price, no listing of active ingredients, and apparently violative claims combine to make LOHS AU a product worthy of a warning letter from FDA.

Andrea James

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