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  • Address:
  • WESTLAKE (805) 494 9043
  • BEVERLY HILLS (310) 550 8580
  • MISSION, TEXAS (956) 580 4407 / 580 4706
  • Telephone: (55) 5081-0070
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Available devices

The Neoskin chain offers > Depilité laser treatments.

On November 11, 2008, > Genomma Lab announced that it divested all shares in the laser hair removal chain Neoskin, which had recently been the subject of negative news reports. Furthermore, Genomma reiterated that in March 2008, it divested all its shares of > Global Administrator, S.A. de C.V., the firm which independently operates various companies, including the stores that offer laser hair removal services under the brand Depilite.

> Genomma Lab Reaffirms Zero Ownership Stake in the Laser Hair Removal Chains Neoskin and Depilite



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