Mobit, Inc.

Mobit, Ltd.

This New York based company with connections to Florida makes the Emjoi Beauty line of electric tweezer scams.

Contact information

Available devices

Epilator name FDA 510(k) Cleared
Emjoi Beauty K973340 12/03/97


1. Mobit makes the following four hair removal devices:

  1. Emjoi Roll-on microwax
  2. Emjoi Gently Gold and Gently Gold Caress rotary epilators
  3. Emjoi Beauty Forever, with interchangeable rotary epilator and electric tweezer heads
  4. Emjoi Beauty Compact, a smaller version of the Beauty Forever

2. Emjoi’s website lists this mailing address as well:

  • EMJOI, P.O. Box 7406, FDR Station New York, NY 10150

3. Website administrator is listed as: Shein, Moddy (MS4186) [email protected]. Address is listed as:

  • Mobit, 150 E. 52 St. NY, NY 10022


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