SkinMagic/Drs. Rodriguez & Panzarella (WARNING!)


a.k.a. "The Dermatology and Skin Laser Center" and "San Marcos Dermatology Clinic"
Ana Rodriguez, M.D. & Kim Panzarella, M.D.

SkinMagic is a dermatology practice with office hours in several Texas towns. A website promoting the SkinMagic practice also promotes a "transcutaneous electrolysis" device made by International Hair Removal Systems (IHRS).

Treatment with the IHRS SuperPhaser Gold device should be avoided by all consumers. No published data show it can remove hair permanently.

Reputable doctors usually do not associate themselves with these devices.

Contact info:

Main office

Dermatology and Skin Laser Center (aka San Marcos Dermatology Clinic)
Address: 1338 Wonder World Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666
Phone: (512) 392-1411 (512) 392-1422
Fax: (208) 552-1019
Email: [email protected]

Luling office (Monday mornings)

Edgar B. Davis Hospital 130 Hays St. Luling, TX 78648 (888) 875-5643

Lockhart office (Wednesday mornings)

Lockhart/Seton 1505 S. Main & Hwy 183 Lockhart, TX 78644 (512) 392-1411

Gonzales office (Thursdays)

Gonzales Memorial hospital P.O. Box 587 Gonzales, TX 78629 (830) 672-7581

Names associated with this site:

Ana Rodriguez, MD

Kim Panzarella MD

Their sales site states:

HAIR REMOVAL Now available – Super Phaser Gold (treats all skin types, all hair color).A new permanent hair removal system that does not require a laser. It is non-invasive. It differs from laser hair removal in three ways:

1. It is FDA approved for hair removal.
2. It works on all colors and types of hair (including white hair and peach fuzz).
3. It can be used on all skin types and complexions.

FDA has stated that the patches used in transcutaneous hair removal require submission of safety and efficacy data, followed by FDA clearance, which the manufacturer has not received clearance from FDA to make any claims.

The SkinMagic FAQ about SuperPhaser Gold states:


Now available – Super Phaser Gold (treats all skin types, all hair color). A new permanent hair removal system that does not require a laser.

Q: How does Super Phaser Gold work?

A: Patches (not needles) are used to deliver a small amount of direct current through the hair follicles. The current reacts with your body’s own salt water to form sodium hydroxide. This sodium hydroxide destroys the root of the hair follicle. Once the root is destroyed, the follicle ceases to produce hair.

Important facts about hair removal:

1. Because hair grows in three cycles (which includes a dormant cycle when it is impossible to destroy the root); no system will remove all hair in one procedure.

2. Hair must be treated during its growing phase in order to prevent regrowth.

3. It is recommended that multiple treatments be planned for best results. "

Again, these claims about the SuperPhaser Gold have not been evaluated by FDA and constitute misbranding.

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