NOTE: NO affiliation with Berkowits School of Electrolysis in New York

NOTE: NO longer affiliated with is currently owned by someone not involved in hair removal. The site was previously used to promote an India-based company selling an electric tweezer.

In addition, has NO affiliation with the reputable US-based Berkowits School of Electrolysis founded in 1978 by Barry Herman.

I received the following note from the new owner in 2004:

Hi Andrea

I visited your site and notice remarks about website .

I dont know who used before that domain, but I am new owner of and have no idea about hair or former owners .
So I hope you will remove remarks since I can also post remarks on my sites that I dont have nothing with which use false and fraudelent informations about my domain .

Domains are renewed every year and blame domain, not owners is wrong .
That is same if something happened in house where you live long ago and someone put you in spotlight just because you are new owner .

Thing is, I own 200 websites and can put on each remarks about .

sincerely ,

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