Sterex Electrolysis International

Sterex Electrolysis International, Ltd.

Sterex are a UK based manufacturer of Electrolysis products. Their products include epilators, wet products, and sterile disposable needles, which sell in over 40 countries.

Contact information

  • Address: 174 Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2AP, UK
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 121 708 2404
  • Fax: +44 (0) 121 707 0028
  • website:
  • email: [email protected]

Available devices

Sterex also manufactures four needle epilators, which are exempt from premarket notification. On 16 January 1996, FDA reclassified needle epilators and no longer requires them to submit 510(K) data.

  • Sterex SX~T (Thermolysis / Diathermy Epilator)
  • Sterex SX~A (Automated Thermolysis/Diathermy Epilator)
  • Sterex SX~G (Galvanic Epilator)

Sterex disposable needles:

  • Sterex Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needle (FDA 510 K952611 Cleared 10/18/95)

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