Instantron, Inc.

Instantron, Inc.

Instantron is the oldest and one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of electrolysis equipment.

Contact information

Available devices

Epilator name FDA 510(k) Cleared G B T FT MNG
Elite Spectrum K943396 09/16/94 X X X X  
Blendtone Royale K943398 09/16/94 X X X X  
SS-99 K943399 09/16/94     X    
Elite Epilator K931063 07/08/93          
Blendtone Epilator K931064 07/08/93          
Shortwave Epilator K941227 08/18/94          
VP500 Epilator K931062 07/08/93          

Key to features:

  • G = Galvanic
  • B = Blend
  • T = Thermolysis
  • FT = Flash Thermolysis
  • MNG = Multiple-Needle Galvanic

Patent/Trademark data

  • Trademarks (reg. #): Instantron (0548332)
  • Date registered/renewed: 1951/1991, Mahler’s, Inc.

FDA data

  • Establishment Registration Number: 1211132
  • Owner/Operator Number: 1211132
  • Establishment Status: Active
  • Date of Registration Status: 06/23/78
  • Owner/Operator Phone Number: 401-438-6141
  • Official Correspondent Phone Number: 401-438-6141
  • Date Initial Registration Received: 06/23/78
  • Official Correspondent Name: Mr. Harold Mahler, Jr.


Instantron has a very comprehensive website

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