Dectro International

Dectro International, Inc.

Formerly known as Dectronique, this Canadian manufacturer makes state-of-the art needle epilator machines and maintains training centers.

  • Address: 2065 Boul Charest O. Sainte-Foy (Quebec), CA G1N 2 G1
  • Telephone: 1 800 463 5566
  • website: (corporate) (Apilus)
  • email: [email protected]

Available devices

Epilator name FDA 510(k) Cleared G B T FT MNG
Apilus SX-500 K943928 01/12/95 X X X X  
Apilus Senior II         X X  
Apilus Junior Plus ? ?          
Cleo     X X X X  

Key to features:

  • G = Galvanic
  • B = Blend
  • T = Thermolysis
  • FT = Flash Thermolysis
  • MNG = Multiple-Needle Galvanic


    • The Apilus machines are probably the fanciest of needle epilators, with lots of bells and whistles.
    • Dectro also makes Pro-Tec needles.

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