Reliable hair removal websites

Reliable hair removal websites

The “A” List

  • National Institute of Health (PubMed): Published medical articles on hair removal.
  • Food and Drug Administration: The primary federal regulator of hair removal products.
  • Federal Trade Commission. It has limited hair removal information.
  • American Association of Family Physicians: This trade group has published a brief but balanced handout on managing excessive hair (hirsutism).
  • Shore Laser Center: Practitioner Albert Poet, M.D. has an excellent laser overview.
  • (now at
  • Waccamaw Dermatology: a balanced overview by a clinic offering laser hair removal.
  • e-Laser Hair Removal has started a nice site with some good consumer tips.
  • Sales site run by IPL/flashlamps Dr. Harvey Jay, who advocates IPL/flash lamps
  • American Electrology Association: This trade group has an excellent electrolysis overview.
  • International Hair Route: this trade magazine first-rate information, with a focus on electrolysis
  • A site with a good FAQ and directory, though the forum should be avoided.

Hair loss?

For those of you going the other direction, here’s a couple of great sites about hair loss:

  • A baldness-acceptance site.
  • Focuses on options for those who do not wish to accept their baldness.

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