Electrolysis manufacturers

Electrolysis manufacturers

Below is a list of electrolysis manufacturers listed with FDA. Some of the companies are no longer in making electrology equipment, but since their working machines are still out there, I’ve listed them.

A.R. Hinkel

  • Electro-Blend Classic
  • Electro Blend UC-2
  • Electro Blend UC-3+

Alexander Thomas

  • Microprocessor controlled Multi-Needle Galvanic Epilator

Associated Electrolysis Group

  • Compact Model 360 Galvanic Epilator

Clareblend (Clare)

  • Nova2000 Multi-needle
  • Thermolysis Generator
  • Ultrablend

Dectro International

  • Apilus SX-500
  • Apilus Senior II
  • Apilus Junior Plus
  • Cleo


  • Epilatron

Galvanic Medical Instruments

  • Guibor Microelectrolysis Unit 18

Gentronics (Multi-Channel)

  • Model MC160

Greenleaf-Carter Enterprises

  • Ease-Multi-Mode Epilator

IME Company

  • HR-5000 Electrosurgical device (Kobayashi-Yamada)


  • Elite Spectrum
  • Blendtone Royale
  • SS-99
  • Elite Epilator
  • Blendtone Epilator
  • Shortwave Epilator
  • VP500 Epilator

Leo Unlimited

  • Epitron Super
  • Epilot 80 S

Lucy Peters International

  • LPS 33 Epilator
  • LPS 1118


  • Auto-Blend Epilator


  • EP 2000

R.A. Fischer

  • CB-X Compu-Blend
  • CB-XL Multi-Blend
  • SE-5 Pro-Blend Epilator
  • SE-4 Blend
  • TS-1 Pro-Therm
  • CB-7
  • CB-2


  • Multiple Needle Model EM-20
  • Blend Model EB-200 & ET-1


  • Sequentium 128
  • Sequentium 328
  • ST-100
  • ST-250

Stoltronic Systems

  • Stoltronics LRS


  • Sofblend T~80

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