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Glossary: S

Eventually, I hope to link up glossary terms with corresponding pages, but for now, please use this glossary in combination with the search feature.

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Sacrum lower back

Sally Hansen is a cream depilatory


Satinelle is an electric epilator


Scalp hair


Schick makes razors, including the Silk Effects line

SCME Society for Clinical and Medical Electrologists

Sebaceous gland

Self electrolysis


Shalin’s is a brand of sugaring solution

Sharplan is also known as Laser Industries and makes ruby and alexandrite EpiTouch lasers


Shaving bumps

Shaving Powder

Shaving rash


Silhouet-tone: manufactures a professional electrolysis machine

Silk-epil is an electric epilator made by Braun


SLS is a British laser manufaturer of Chromos ruby lasers

Society for Clinical and Medical Electrologists an electrology trade association

Sodium hydroxide

SoftLight is an Nd:YAG laser made by ThermoLase

Sonique is a brand of electric tweezer

Spa Thira was a chain of salons that offered laser treatments, now named Greenhouse

Spectrum Medical Technologies is a laser manufacturer

Star Medical is the maker of LightSheer pulsed diode array lasers

StarLight is a division of Coherent’s Palomar and make the ruby laser LightSheer

Steam autoclave

Stephens Manufacturing makes the GHR electric tweezerSugar Bare is a brand of sugaring solution




Strip clearing




Sugar Bare

Sukar is a brand of sugaring solution

Sun exposure

Surgi-cream is a cream depilatory

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